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About Us

We are on business for more than 20 years, we have specialty on Political Campaign and New Business.  We focus in the most important, the customer, the one who need to know about your services, products and ideas!  Most of the services we do it in house, so we have total control in the quality and timing, and the most important we always work with costumers priority’s 

We are driven by values

We keep on track the right way to do the job, we just traying to do the job right since the very firth time, good for the costumer and good for us.  We keep on track the time and quality, using the right materials and the right process as we do for us.  We also give to costumer al the warranties from our supplier.  We have no restriction to do the jobs right.





Super Efficient

Everything right since the very firths time, on schedule and with the specialty materials for the need its.

Deeply Committed

We committed we our Job, we love what we do…. them we do right!


Highly Skilled

We don’t play games, we’re Professionals!




Carlos Rosario

CEO / Graphic Designer



Jose Liriano



Latino Representative

Nezia Bastos

Operational Gerent